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The band, Dr. Guy’s Musiqology, was formed in 2003 and is known for its creative blend of jazz infused with the sounds of R&B, funk, soul, Latin, and hip hop.

Guthrie Ramsey, who composes and arranges all of the band’s music, stylishly crafts the deep grooves, funky melodies and bluesy harmonies that make Musiqology’s sound so appealing.

In live performances, Musiqology shoots from the hip, electrifying audiences with spiraling improvised solos, and live reinterpretations of jazz standards as well as Ramsey’s own original compositions.

Musiqology has performed for sold out audiences at the University of Pennsylvania, the Kimmel Center, and in some of Philadelphia’s best known venues such as Zanzibar Blue and Gloria’s Seafood House.

In the spring of 2004, the band took its unique sound abroad to South America, touring Uruguay as part of a U.S. Embassy program.


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